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Amy Wolfgang is a Leadership and Career Development Coach and a co-founder of Coaching 4 Good.

Amy Wolfgang is an entrepreneurial and innovative co-owner of Coaching 4 Good, and the former CEO of her own highly successful career coaching company, Wolfgang Career Coaching. Amy knows that creating impact always starts with the individual. She has coached thousands of individuals at all levels, from emerging leaders to senior-level executives, helping them see that self-awareness leads to choice, and choice leads to change. The result is a more agile, connected, and authentic workforce.

This page provides guidance from Amy and other Coaching 4 Good coaches on changing a job, career, or personal outlook. Amy’s decades of coaching experience allow her to speak directly to the topics where many of our prospective clients are focused. While we generally recommend scheduling a free consultation with a coach of your choice to target your goals more efficiently, the tips in this self-serve section will help you get started.

At Coaching 4 Good, we are driven by the desire to help people. Look no further for online career guidance, career planning tools, and career development help. 

Career Development Tips

We believe everyone deserves a rewarding career, and we want to provide indispensable career tools for the do-it-yourselfers as well as those wishing to tap our experienced coaches. So we’ve curated tips in nine important career categories, provided primarily by Amy Wolfgang as if she were talking to you directly. Multiple links are provided for free self-help articles as well as follow-on coaching services, if desired.

Building Leadership and Executive Skills

Leaders should focus on exploring their blind spots, challenge limiting assumptions, reframing beliefs, defining career direction and goals to build sustainable behaviors.

Career Development and Advancement

Create short and long-term goals and a path to achieve them. Identify obstacles and strategies to address. Form and nurture strategic relationships and effectively communicate.

Discovering the Right Career

Discover and understand your drivers. Explore your values, interests, skills, and personality through coaching, homework, and assessments. Establish your brand and pursue your next career.

Cover Letter and Resume

Use a contemporary layout, make inviting to read, utilize keywords properly for automated searches, presents compelling experience and results, and have no red flags.

Job Search Strategy

Review your job search, and create an action plan to achieve goals. Network, revise resume, stay motivated, research industries and companies, and tap social media.


Review interviewing tips, techniques, and strategies. Conduct mock interviews based on job description. Research and practice your particular interview questions.

Motivation and Life Balance

Identify and focus on specific goals. Identify and overcome obstacles to your personal growth. Build confidence and self-esteem, address behavioral issue, be accountable, mindful, and not fearful.

Organizational Thoughts

Remove barriers to innovation by empowering your people. Train leaders to be agile, courageous, innovative, and not afraid to fail. Propagate leaders’ positive influence.

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