Women in Leadership Program:

Coaching 4 Impact

Empowering women to transform your organization.

Women in Leadership, Live – Organizational Coaching – Coaching 4 Impact

This empowering program will transform your organizational culture by creating a connected community of women and pipeline of empowered leaders that foster, influence, and champion an inclusive workplace culture.

This journey is designed for the individual to dive deep to gain the insight that leads to lasting mindset and behavioral change. Our results have proven that by removing the internal and external barriers to creativity, ideation, and innovation, you empower your greatest company asset — your people. It’s the development and courage of these leaders (and those rising to leadership positions) who will set the tone to create the safe, inclusive cultures where all voices are heard, diversity thrives, and the resulting innovation fosters more growth — and goodness — for all.

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The time to take action is now.  What got you here, won’t get you there.

According to McKinsey (2015), gender diverse companies outperform industry norms by 15%.

Women in Leadership, Live – Organizational Coaching – Coaching 4 Impact

Coaching 4 Impact Program Objectives:

• Women who are empowered, self-aware, resilient, collaborative, and capable of inspiring and influencing others through change

• Increased engagement, well-being, and retention of diverse talent as a result of providing career growth opportunities

• A culture where trust is the norm and people feel safe to take risks and embrace innovation

• Discovery and development of untapped skills that are innate to women, a necessity in challenging business times.

• A shift in mindset and responsibility that empowers each individual to take ownership over their professional development

• A competitive advantage over companies by elevating the potential of your diverse talent leading to increased retention, recruitment, and engagement

• An innovative, virtual solution that is scalable across regions leading to a sense of belonging and connection

Coaching 4 Impact Components:

Organizational programs are tailored for each client, but typical components include:

  • 2 full-day workshops (in-person or virtual)
  • 10 virtual group coaching video calls facilitated by a certified coach
  • Multiple peer mentor sessions
  • Surveys to measure and report progress and ROI
  • Option to train internal sponsor(s) to act as champions
  • Workbook that will serve as a development guide/plan throughout the program

Examples of client-specific components:

  • How to create psychological safety in teams
  • Ways to create an inclusive culture
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Reflecting on professional networks, and who might be missing
  • Personal development of a career map
  • How to showcase your value
  • Increase awareness of emotions, how to use that awareness to regulate emotions and produce healthy responses
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