How to leave your job well.

You’ve just handed in your letter of resignation. Now what?

Now it’s time for you to position yourself well for the future. Now is the time for you to be leaving well.

So, are you leaving well?

The minute you hand in your resignation letter, the clock has started, and frankly, you’re under more scrutinization than before. So, here are a few things you can do to ensure the process of leaving well occurs for your situation.

Do these things when you leave:

  1. Leaving Well: Wrap up projects.

    This doesn’t mean that you complete the project, just that you prepare for a successful handoff to the team. Set them up to succeed.

  2. Leaving Well: Be honest in your exit interview.

    In your exit interview, it’s time to be honest about what you liked, didn’t like, areas the company can expand on, etc. Don’t be afraid to open up about your thoughts.

  3. Leaving Well: Keep relationships.

    You never know when the relationships from your last job will benefit your career in the future. So keep them intact if you can.

  4. Leaving Well: Finish strong.

    Once you decide you’re leaving, be sure to see that commitment through. Often times employees are 1 foot out the door too early, which bodes poorly on their part. Finish strong.

  5. Leaving Well: Be Tactical.

    As we mentioned above, you never know when you’ll need relationships. So, as you’re leaving, try to get some recommendations (on LinkedIn) from individuals who you’ve worked directly with.

You may be asking, do I really need to do all of that. I’m just leaving (I’m done!!!). Well, it’s not that simple unfortunately. As you are choosing to leave, you are also giving yourself the chance to leave well. By setting yourself up and leaving well, you’re also benefiting yourself.

So you can experience these benefits:  

  1. Networking.

    Networking has tremendous power in the future of your career, and there are many benefits that you’ve yet to see. In leaving well, you’re able to maintain positive network relationships.

  2. Personal branding.

    Your personal brand is important. How people, companies, and even you view yourself is something that can be tarnished. When you leave a company well you protect that personal brand, ensuring its integrity moving forward.

  3. Inner comfort.

    It’s okay that it feels good doing the right thing. That inner comfort (peace & confidence) is something that you cannot buy within your career. It’s something that is earned when you make the appropriate decisions.  

  4. Legacy.

    Whether you want to or not, you’re leaving a legacy throughout your career, and how you leave companies speaks in a great amount to that legacy. If you leave with integrity, you’ll be remembered as of integrity. If you leave as painful, you’ll be remembered as being painful. What legacy do you want to leave?

If you’re thinking about leaving your job, you have the choice as to how you want to leave. This choice really comes down to who you want to be as a professional. Either way, how you go will be how you’re remembered.

Leave wisely.

-C4G Team


, Leaving Well – How to advance your career and job, appropriately.

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, Leaving Well – How to advance your career and job, appropriately.

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