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If you’ve just graduated from college and are looking for your first job on the market or you’ve left your previous one and are looking for a new opportunity, then you probably understand that it’s important to not only know the interview questions you’ll be asked but to also know the right answers to those questions. Prepare for your interview by checking out this list of ten interview questions and answers for ten different jobs.

Interview Questions and Answers

1. Stockbroker – “What is your expected yearly salary?”

You’ve just heard from a company that they have seen your resume and would like for you to come in and interview for a spot in their firm. This question is difficult since stock brokers work on commission and will allow the interviewer to gauge what you already know about specific industry practices. If you do a little research, you can see that the stock broker salaries have a wide variety – propose a fair base salary and discuss the commission possibilities that are available.

2. Digital Analyst: “What kind of analysis software experience do you have?”

Going in for a digital analyst role, you can be sure that a question like this one will be asked during the interview stage. A good answer to this question would be to list the programs you have used before and what specific tools in the program you used to complete projects. For example, “I used Pivot Tables in Excel to better organize social media engagement” would be a great answer to questions involving how businesses interact with customers on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Client Services Representative: “How would you deal with a high maintenance client?”

You are the go to person for any problems or issues a client may have when using your product. This is a common question asked during interviews because it evaluates your loyalty to the company and measures your respect for the clients’ needs. As a client services representative, your interview questions and answers should balance company missions with client needs so a good answer would include how you prioritize clients among business objectives.

4. Project Manager: “How do you determine what task to prioritize when every task is urgent?”

This is one of the questions you might be asked in a project management interview. According to the Harvard Business Review, a Hierarchy of Purpose framework can be used to evaluate which projects are most important to the purpose of the company and can be prioritized along those lines.

5. Account Manager: “Have you ever made a mistake that cost you a customer?”

Account managers are tasked with growing and maintaining a roster of clients. This question may be tough to answer but understand that the interviewer is gauging your experience. Just be honest and tell them what you’ve learned from the experience and how you plan to course correct in the future.

6. Copywriter: “How do you manage under pressure?”

Though they may be creative and have a passion for writing and advertising, copywriters often work under intense scrutiny and deadlines. Therefore, interview questions and answers like this one should be expected. Strong responses include mentioning that your best creative work happens when you’re under a tight deadline or you like to have an open dialogue with those that might be causing stress from the pressure.

7. Software Engineer: “What is something that is a challenge to you?”

Outside of the typical logic based puzzles, interviewers often ask behavioral questions to find out what kind of personality the candidate has. This is one question that routinely comes up because interviewers are looking to find out what your weaknesses are. By answering truthfully and mentioning some things you can work on to improve yourself, you will have demonstrated the self-awareness that is necessary to learn on the job.

8. UX Designer: “What design process methods do you use?”

UX design is one of the hottest start-up jobs out on the market right now thanks to how important customer experience is when interacting with mobile and desktop apps. When mentioning what to look for in design candidates, experts at Toptal claim individuals that have a “user centric” and “constantly evolving” design process are best suited for the job. Pair this with specific examples of tools you used (audits, user flows, and wireframes) for a successful project for a strong response to the question.

9. Digital Marketer: “How do you manage working with very little guidance?”

Today’s digital marketers are increasingly finding themselves in the wild west of constantly changing platforms. While one strategy may be sound one day, that same practice could be obsolete the next. Due to this constant shift, this is a great question often posed to digital marketers. The savvy marketer would respond with how they stay up to date with digital marketing trends and savor outside of the box or experimental thinking when coming up with techniques to hack user growth on a platform.

10. Public Relations Manager: “How would you deal with a social media crisis?”

With the rise of social media, PR managers are often tasked with coming up with strategies on how to interact with customers one on one. If you are interviewing for a role in public relations then be prepared to answer questions like these. Sometimes campaign messages can get convoluted by those interacting with the brand and a backlash can ensue. By responding to the complaint with a message tailored to the original poster, companies can mitigate the negative press and humanize the brand.

The right frame of mind for interview questions and answers

Job hunting can be a tough process and we hope this list of interview questions and answers helps you on your journey towards that next opportunity. Always remember to draw on your experience and stay calm during the interview. Most importantly, be confident in the value that you can add to the company and practice staying in the right frame of mind. Before you know it, you’ll have that job you’ve always dreamed of.

Author bio:
Cassidy Hennigan is an avid writer and a passionate career development coach. Former HR, she learned how important it is that individuals to have a mentor who helps them take the correct decision when it comes to their careers. Mistakes have been made, but she’s here to fix them. When she’s not giving motivational pieces of advice, she contributes to – a website dedicated to statistics about salaries.


10 Interview Questions and Answers, 10 Interview Questions and Answers

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10 Interview Questions and Answers, 10 Interview Questions and Answers

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