Organizational Leadership Coaching

We shift the development from the company’s owning employee development
to empowering employees to own their own development.

Leadership training, Live – Organizational Coaching – Leadership Coaching

We help create a connected community and pipeline of empowered leaders that foster, influence, and champion a positive workplace.

Our program design and outcomes are in alignment with attracting, developing, and retaining top talent that drives organizational transformation. Objectives can be tailored but typically include:

  • Developing the next generation of leaders who are empowered, self-aware, resilient, collaborative and capable of inspiring and influencing others through change
  • Supporting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by by creating a culture of authentic, courageous and compassionate people who are willing to openly communicate and appreciate diverse perspectives
  • Increasing engagement, well-being and retention of talent because people will feel valued by the company
  • Fostering an empowered, connected culture that embraces innovation, risk taking and one that is safe for individuals and teams to fail quickly and recover
  • Accelerating internal company training and development initiatives by setting a solid foundation for future learning and career growth
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Our Leadership Programs achieve measurable results and follow a well-proven methodology.

Being & Doing
Our view of leadership development is fundamentally tied to our beliefs around human development. Human development must include two concepts: the being and the doing. The being is the inner work, the self-reflection, gaining self-awareness, answering the question ‘who am I?’ The doing are the intentional actions we take as a result of our being work. Both are necessary for growth. This leadership development program includes components of both.

Horizontal & Vertical Development
Both horizontal learning and development (skill building) and vertical learning and development (new ways of thinking: thinking in more complex, systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways) are critical to leadership transformation. Horizontal development has been compared to pouring water, new techniques, into the same old container. The container is your mind. Vertical development changes the container. Traditionally, leadership programs have focused mainly on horizontal development. Transformation comes with the addition of vertical development.

In utilizing vertical development, we are helping individuals develop their foundation of their leadership. Subsequent leadership programs the individuals participate in will benefit from this foundation. The skills the participants learn in subsequent trainings will be better internalized and more easily applied. The foundational learning of this program will have far reaching impacts over the course of the leader’s career.

Development Ownership
We need to shift the development from the company’s owning employee development to empowering employees to own their own development.

Leadership Journey
Leadership development can no longer be a point in time training. It needs to shift to a continuous, interactive, collaborative and connected journey. It is a developmental process, not a singular event. This journey includes workshops, experiential exercises, creating a strong development and support network, peer learning/coaching and individual coaching. The focus needs to be more on development and less on content.
Fundamentally, leadership development is a collective process spread through networks of people vs. an individual trait.

The program content was influenced by the works of: Dr. Brene Brown, The Gates Foundation, Center for Creative Leadership, Mastering Leadership & The Leadership Circle Profile (Creative and Reactive Orientations (Fritz, Senge and Kiefer), Play to Win and Play not to Lose (Wilson), Authenticity (Block), Cognitive Psychology (Burns, Ellis), Emotional Intelligence (Goleman), Character Structure (Horney), Enneagram (Sufi tradition), Adult Stages of Development (Kohlberg, Kegan, Cook-Greuter, Wilber, Hall, Beck, Covey, Fowler), Stages of Consciousness (Mystical literature of all traditions), Ego-Shadow Dynamics (Jung), and Body Characterology (Riech, Kurtz, Lowen, Pirrakos) and an ongoing study of leadership literature).

Organizational Leadership Plan Components

Organizational programs are tailored for each client, but typical components include:

  • 5-25 person cohort; Equal mix of men and women of all tenure and grade levels
  • 2-10 group workshops + Executive leader speakers circle discussion after each workshop
  • Peer Mentor Circles to foster connection continue learning in between sessions as a cohort
  • 3-6 1:1 individual coaching sessions with an external coach
  • Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 assessment 90-minute session + debrief
  • Leadership Development plan goals, actions, 1:1 integrated coaching tied to predefined objectives
  • Final presentation by each individual and commitment on actions to ‘pay it forward’ as advocates of inclusive change
  • Survey’s administered by Coaching 4 Good to measure and report ROI and feedback
Leadership training, Live – Organizational Coaching – Leadership Coaching

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