Resume Writing Tips

These 3 perspectives will change how you write your resume.

Resumes play an integral part in opening the door to your next professional position. Because your career isn’t something you take lightly, it’s important that your resume is written correctly.

Resume Writing Tip: Writing in the correct places

As you complete your resume, and apply for different positions, it’s crucial that you understand where to include certain types of information. As a general rule, cover letters are for demonstrating your skill resumes are for showing your achievements. This simple focus will help your writing – and story – stand out.

Resume Writing Tip: 50% don’t even get considered

The reality is that 50% of resumes don’t even get considered, and that is often due to the applicant not following the written directions of the application. With this in mind, be sure you thoroughly understand what the application is asking for before you apply. If you want your resume to stand out, it’s as simple as writing with intention. A few things to be sure you do include:

  1. Write for the specific position you’re applying for
  2. Write about the skills which apply to that position
  3. Write with appropriate emotions (both in the cover letter & resume)
  4. Write to what the application is specifically asking for If you want your resume to stand out

Resume Writing Tip: Tell your story with brevity.

Resumes come in all shapes and sizes, but more important than length is the ability to write your story with brevity. Often times hiring managers are pressed for time, and will look for brief descriptions to see if the applicant fits the appropriate mold for moving into an interview phase (in some ways does it pass eye test?). One way to ensure that you write with brevity and intentionality is to follow the SAR Approach:

  1. S: Situation – Write about what you have encountered
  2. A: Action – Write about the actions you took
  3. R: Result – Write about what you accomplished and learned along the way

When your story is written from the SAR approach, it becomes more digestible – and intentional – to the individuals who are screening the initial phase of the hiring process.

As you work further on your resume, keep in mind that our team of professional coaches are here for your reference. Should you come across questions, ideas, or any form of confusion, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

-Coaching 4 Good Team


, Resume Writing: 3 perspectives to get more interviews!

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, Resume Writing: 3 perspectives to get more interviews!

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