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six steps for writing perfect cover letterWhen writing the perfect cover letter for any job, being concise is the key. Especially in today’s information age, where the reader is inundated with information, everyone wants to get to the point. A resume is supposed to be a quick read – it is a summary of what a person has to offer. Thus, the ‘cover letter’, which is meant to introduce the resume, should be even more concise. Cover letter examples are ubiquitously found online. Here are six steps to effectively get your point across when writing the perfect cover letter.

1. Know yourself

Before you start writing a cover letter, you need to know what you want to achieve and what your strengths are. This may mean reflecting on your past work experience and what you’d want to focus on communicating to potential employers. It may mean reflecting on what you want to do. There are many cover letter samples on the internet you can take as an example. Depending on the kind of job, you can take a look at warehouse worker cover letter examples, for instance. The more specific you are about what you want, where you want to be, and what you have to offer, the easier it will be to communicate more effectively.

2. Know your audience

Just like knowing what you want to achieve, you need to know your audience. Research the company, even if it’s just a quick Google search. If you know the industry well, hopefully, you can project that into your cover letter. Every company appreciates a candidate who has done his homework in regards to the company’s objectives and aligns with them.

3. Write your ‘cover letter’ concisely

Avoid repetition or vague statements that add little to your message, which should always revolve around what you have to offer the company. There are many ways to improve your writing. Although there may be differences in style, the rules of spelling and grammar should be followed, and, like knowing your audience, who you write to may affect the length of the letter and how you write. Some cover letters are several paragraphs long, others just one. In certain circumstances, especially if the resume is only being emailed and the cover letter is only one paragraph long, you may consider placing the cover letter in the body of an email and attaching your resume.

4. Adapt your cover letter when necessary

Your skills, wants and circumstances will change, and you will most likely be sending your resume out to more than one company or even more than one industry. Tailor your ‘cover letter’ to the circumstances confronting you. Keep up to date on market trends, especially in fields that are rapidly changing, such as the high-tech field.

5. Use Good Grammar in Your ‘Cover Letter’

Good grammar always makes the best impression. No matter what kind of post you are applying for, it is always best to double check your grammar. Spelling mistakes will NOT be overlooked by the employer. This applies especially for jobs such as copywriting, freelance writers, public relations specialists and people who work in communication/customer care.

6. Express Enthusiasm

Make sure to bring to the attention of the employer the fact that you are very excited about this position and try to include a plan of action within the cover letter. State what your next steps after getting hired will be and make sure to respect your promise if this happens.

Try to take into consideration the tips mentioned above and you will definitely succeed in your mission of writing the perfect cover letter for any job application. Make sure to put emphasis on the aspects that make you stand out, write concisely and correctly and adapt your writing to different kind of employers. What do you think, do you feel ready?

Author bio:
Elizabeth Heron is an HR manager who oversees the execution of the company’s internal strategy. She helps employees to find their career goals and motivates them through the process of reaching the ideal job. Elizabeth contributes regularly to where she gives advice in regards to cover letters and resumes.


cover letter', 6 Steps to Writing the Perfect ‘Cover Letter’ for Any Job

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cover letter', 6 Steps to Writing the Perfect ‘Cover Letter’ for Any Job

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