deciding to take new job or keep current one

Q: I received an offer for a new job but there are a lot of benefits in my current job. I really get along well with my co-workers and it is closer to my house than the new opportunity. How do I choose between the two?

A: First, congratulations on receiving a job offer! There is often a misconception when people accept a new job offer that they did not like their prior job. Many times, however, there were many positive aspects of the prior job and the new position simply offers some better opportunities.

Should You Accept the New Job?

For those of you who have ever changed jobs or companies, you know how difficult it can be to decide to leave your existing position or company. This is especially true if you enjoy your work, co-workers, the company culture, or even just the company’s location.

When you are deciding to take a new offer, you may be torn. Not only would you be leaving your job but also you would be leaving the intangibles behind such as the people and the environment. It’s often the personal aspects — the connections and the relationships — which may be keeping you from committing to a new position. It can also be hard to separate emotion from the decision-making process.

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The Career Decision-Making Processdeciding to take new job or keep current one

There are several components to the career decision-making process but I will highlight two key pieces below that help bring objectivity to the process.

  • Review your career goals. Look at these and how your current position and potential new job are moving you toward those goals. Take time to focus on what you want to accomplish in your career and which position will ultimately bring you closer to those goals.
  • Review your values list. How do your current role and the new role meet those values?

Stepping back from the situation and evaluating it from these perspectives can make the decision-making process easier. You’ll, of course, want to also look at the full package of what the new company is offering compared to your current one to ensure you’re taking care of yourself from both a financial and wellness perspective.

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This post was originally published on January 6, 2011, and has been updated.


new job, Take a New Job or Stay in Your Current One? Here’s How to Decide.

Amy Wolfgang

Amy Wolfgang is a career coach who founded Wolfgang Career Coaching and co-founded Coaching 4 Good. She brings over 15 years of corporate and coaching experience to help organizations boost employee engagement while simultaneously helping her clients excel in their careers. She is a certified PCM (Professional Career Manager) and has a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.

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new job, Take a New Job or Stay in Your Current One? Here’s How to Decide.

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