findagrowingcareerIf you clicked the title of this post, let me ask you… why?

These are my guesses.

1) To assure yourself that your profession is on the list and growing. Let’s just say… for job security.

2) To get ideas of professions that are actually growing because you know for sure, that your current trajectory is unclear. Let’s just say… for job security.

3) To verify your own hunch of growing industries and to verify where the author gets the information. Let’s just say… reliable data, which is… security.

We all want to know the fastest growing career trends because we all need job security. And who wouldn’t in this economy? There is no harm or weakness in securing income to provide for the wants we have all grown used to.

Proceed with caution

Well… here’s my best list compiled for you. I have no tricks and the sources can be verified. I will caution you though, no one really knows the future. So much can fluctuate in a short amount of time. The sources below are indicators of past success, not absolute predictions on future success. For example, 20 years ago we could not have predicted the jobs available today through advanced technology.

Please visit these sources and play with the information but realize that “job security” isn’t in a trend. It’s ultimately what you come to value.

Takeaways for you

  • The rise of baby boomers going into retirement makes it no surprise that home health care needs will increase. In fact, the healthcare industry offers many options.
  • Technology industry growth is no surprise either with the influx of large amounts of information. What I believe will be highly valuable will be the synthesis of disorganized information into something meaningful.
  • Business Analytics isn’t a ‘job’ yet but looks like a big need in the future.
  • The surprise to me was the need for more org psychologists and mental healthcare workers, in general.
  • Lastly, I see the need for individual, organizational, and employment/career experts on the rise.

What are your observations? Please comment below.



, How to Find the Fastest Growing Careers

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, How to Find the Fastest Growing Careers

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