hire_resume_writerYour resume is an important marketing tool and often your first introduction to an employer. The employer’s evaluation of your skills as presented on your resume is the key to getting an interview. You may be the ideal candidate for a job, but if you can’t convey that via the words on your resume, then you are sunk.

There are tons of resources available to help you create or update your own resume. Plus, developing your resume writing skills can help quite a bit if you change jobs regularly. However, there are situations when it may be better to hire a professional resume writer.

Lack of Time

Consider how long it will take you to research current resume writing techniques and actually create this document. Do you need minor updates to your current resume or a major overhaul? How quickly do you need to start using your resume to apply for positions? If you are starting from scratch or have not updated your resume in several years, then the process can be quite time consuming.

Not Your Skill Set

It’s valuable to recognize your personal strengths and limitations. Not everyone is a wordsmith and resume writing is much different than other forms of writing, such as creative writing. In addition, the various software programs and options for formatting your resume can be frustrating for people who are not tech savvy. It also makes sense to consult with a professional to write or edit your resume if you have trouble with spelling and grammar.

Desire Better Results

If you have submitted your resume for multiple opportunities and are not getting called for interviews, then it’s time to get a fresh perspective. A professional resume writer will give you the unbiased feedback that a friend or relative probably cannot. They are also much more familiar with applicant tracking systems and the use of keywords for certain industries or positions.

Change Careers

Perhaps you want to pursue a career that is not directly related to your past experiences. In this case, a professional resume writer can help you identify and highlight your transferable skills. Not only does this help you develop a stronger resume, it also gives you talking points for upcoming interviews.

Even though resume writing services may seem expensive, the immediate benefits you receive may easily be worth it. Working with a professional resume writer will likely alleviate some of the stress associated with the job search process. The best part is that a professional resume writer can set you on the path to your new career that much sooner.


, When to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

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, When to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

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