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Hello and happy New Year! Every year, we ask our clients and our coaches to pick a single word to set their intentions for the year. Some of the words we heard from clients and coaches are: create, growth, abundance, vitality and more. For 2019, we chose a word for our company as well and that word is IMPACT. It’s through this lens that we’re looking forward to the year to come and the foundation we’re building to make an impact.

For those of you who have followed Wolfgang Career Coaching over the last 9+ years we thank you! Over this time, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with thousands of you to help you realize more fulfillment in your lives and careers, navigate your career transitions and grow in your leadership.

Your stories inspire and motivate us to work harder so please continue to reach out and share!

We’d love to know what your word for 2019 is! Use the comments below to share your word and its significance.

Make an impact

If you’re not aware, way back in 2014, we launched our sister business, Coaching 4 Good to offer leadership and career development services within organizations. It was a natural evolution for us as we continue expanding how we make an impact!

Over the last five years we have worked with some incredible change makers, leaders and organizations. One highlight was a six-month leadership development program we developed and launched at a Fortune 50 company that took two groups of leaders on a transformational journey to unleash their potential.

As of today, we’ve taken 45 leaders through the program! We are humbled to be part of their courageous journey that resulted in a group of authentic, compassionate and connected leaders. We’ll be sharing the survey results and the impact they’ve created in their careers, lives and organization soon.

Another highlight was leading a team retreat using the Dare to LeadTM framework. It’s a great story! Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about our programs led by a certified Dare to LeadTM facilitator.

Empower human potential

Our collective purpose – in all we do – is to empower the human potential that ignites a positive impact in the lives, careers, organizations and communities we work with. We know that the work we do with individuals and in organizations goes hand-in-hand. The central focus is on owning your impact whether in your career or your leadership, or both!

Now that you have the background on why we decided to expand how we make an impact, let’s talk about what this means for you! Here’s a little preview:

  • In the coming months we’ll be merging Wolfgang Career Coaching into Coaching 4 Good and launching a fresh new brand and website! This means continued tips and advice on how to be an authentic leader on top of the award-winning career development resources we share.
  • We will continue to offer the same career coaching services along with our executive coaching and leadership development services for individuals and organizations. Reach out to learn more!
  • Our coaching collectives features certified Dare to Leadtm facilitators and we are currently booking workshops and speaking engagements for 2019.
  • We’ll continue as the exclusive partner to The University of Texas Alumni Association – The Texas Exes. Did you know that members get premier discounts on both individual services and business services? Call us at 512-850-4425 to chat about it!
  • Our #1 purpose as a business is to have a positive impact. In order to expand our reach and make an impact, we’ll be adding some more amazing executive leadership and career coaches into our coaching collective to work alongside our team of current amazing coaches. Did I mention our coaches are amazing? Check them out!

Own your career and impact

To help shed light on how you can own your career, your leadership, your impact, we’ve written two guides to help career-focused audience and our leadership-focused audience start their journey of transformation. These are free downloadable ebooks that explain the fundamental concepts, give you self-paced exercises and teach you how to interpret your results.

Own Your Impact: Developing Leaders with Clarity, Courage, Compassion and Connection
For those who want to develop the potential in people or processes, or who manage people, or lead organizations: This ebook takes you through the steps of improving your ability to lead and influence by understanding who you are and how to release your full potential. Go to our Resources area and download it now.

Own Your Career: How to Design Rewarding & Fulfilling Careers
For those who are looking to advance their career, land a new job or find a career that makes them happy and rewards them handsomely: This is a series of instructional emails that accompany the ebook. Go to our resources area and download now.

Whether you download one or both of our ebooks, you can schedule a free initial consultation to discuss what you uncovered from the material and exercises.

We’re continually pushing ourselves to offer innovative services in order to make an impact and expand who we can help. What we know, personally, is that innovation is vulnerable, exciting, fulfilling and takes courage. The effort is worth it because the ultimate result is making a positive impact by being in alignment with your purpose and intentions. We’re living it here at Coaching 4 Good and we’re here to support you on your journey.

Sending warm wishes for a happy and impactful new year to you!


make an impact, What’s your word for 2019?

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make an impact, What’s your word for 2019?

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