What’s the what is the best career for mebest career for you? The best careers are the ones that allow you to develop your natural strengths and talents.  I know many organizations and people trying to ‘fix’ their team, rather than looking for what they are good at and allowing them an opportunity to get better in areas that come naturally.  For example, the guy that has the ‘communication problem’ might go to a communication training.  But when they come back from an 8-hour training, are they better communicators?  Well, according to StrengthsFinder philosophy, no.

Focusing on Flaws Distracts You

We all have natural tendencies.  Some people are more ‘artsie’ or ‘practical’ or ‘detailed’.  The idea is helping people develop their natural tendencies rather than try to fix their flaws.  We all have flaws, but by paying more attention to the bad we end up creating a work environment where people may feel they are never good enough.  What you give your attention to, increases.  For example, the more you pay attention to how Marcie doesn’t work well with others (maybe she’s introverted) the less you focus on her innovative ideas that might advance your process forward.  The more you pay attention to your own flaws and try to fix them, the less you are developing a strength that actually might be internally motivating and lead to more productivity.

Focusing on Positives Builds a Better Team

The best careers and the best work environments have teams that focus on peoples’ strengths.  The more energy you put on the positive aspects, the better it feels and actually the more productive the team becomes.  Just remember, you focus on the problem and the problem gets bigger.  You focus on the solution and the solution gets bigger.  Positive energy has a way of creating excitement and cohesive teams.  If I am building up my team members by encouraging and noticing all the ways they are great, the more engaged they may feel.  Thus, the more willing they are to keep showing up and contribute.  If I am constantly bringing up things that bother me about someone’s work style, the less I want to be around them (and vice versa!).

Finding Your Strengths

In choosing the best career, it would be good to think about what environments you have been attracted to over the years.  It’s easy to ‘fall into’ a career or job.  A career path can seem unplanned and direction-less, or happen by chance.  However, if you think back, is there an industry that you’ve always just felt more comfortable?  Have you always just naturally leaned towards the arts, education, business, etc?  What major did you choose in school?  And why?  What subjects did you enjoy in grade school?  These can give you hints at your natural tendencies.  I encourage you to talk about some of these things with a career counselor.  We can help tease out these natural tendencies, because to you they may seem ‘normal’.  But I promise, that as many clients as I see, everyone is unique and they just don’t realize it.



, What is the best career for me?

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, What is the best career for me?

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