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Spring has officially sprung!  The temps are warming up, the flowers are sprouting and there’s a buzz of creativity, innovation and connection.

Whether you’re feeling the warmth of Spring yet or not, it’s still a good time to re-fresh your career.  Whether it’s a new perspective on your current role, developing your leadership skills, or navigating a career search

we have you covered!

Here’s some advice and inspiration from our amazing coaches along with a link to their bio. Read their stories and schedule an appointment, if you like.

“Spring is always a great time to revisit your purpose. Do you have a mission statement? If so, are you living it? If not, what actions could you take to bring your day to day activities in alignment with what will be most fulfilling to you.”

Shelley Pernot – Career, Leadership and Executive Coach

“I love spring. It’s the season of birth, growth, and renewal making it the perfect time for taking a look at what you want to create, change, or develop in your career going forward. Though we traditionally set goals in January with the start of the year, energetically, Spring is the best time of year to make a change or start something new. I also like to extend the concept of spring cleaning into all areas of life – career included. It’s about taking a look at what is working, what isn’t working, and then releasing the thoughts, judgements, conclusions, and behaviors that aren’t serving you. When you clear out all that mental gunk, you feel so much better. It’s like mental/career detox.”

Candace Avila, MEd, NLP Practitioner, Career & Life Coach

“Spring is a time of growth and blossoming, when the natural world is coming to life. The days are getting longer, and energy is abundant. It’s a perfect opportunity to think about what new lifestyle choices, projects, and ventures you want to cultivate for the year. Coaching can help you get clear on your goals, plan your projects, and create an accountability partnership to help bring your ideas to fruition.”

Melinda Rothouse – PhD, ACC Creativity, Leadership & Executive Coach

“Spring reminds me of spring cleaning. You never really want to do the work but you know if you do, you’ll feel so much better and have a clearer perspective. Sweeping away the cobwebs, figuring out what works and getting rid of things outgrown. This is very similar to the job search. It’s typically work you put off, but know you shouldn’t (update that resume!). You feel much clearer on your perspective and confident for the future. It allows you to reflect on what works well and get rid of old thinking that keeps you from pursuing your dream. Schedule a session today to start clearing the way to a more fulfilling future!”

Dawn Shaw – MS Professional Career Coach

“Do something that refreshes you and your career will benefit. Sometimes it seems counter-intuitive that taking time off of work will really help your career, but for most busy executives with demanding roles that require 24-7 responses to work demands, some time off is a good thing. Maybe it’s an unthinkable two-week vacation, a long weekend retreat with a partner or friend, lunch out of the office with a former colleague or a 20-minute walk outside listening to your favorite tunes. Do something that revives your inner being and more than likely when you come back to your desk, re-engage your colleague, or interact with your direct reports, that challenge you faced will seem less daunting and you will feel a little stronger, passionate, and confident, ready to take on the day.”

James Beeman, MA, PCC, NPC

“My advice for a career refresh is to take inventory of the elements of your career that give you energy and those that drain your energy.  Then choose 1 or 2 that are draining your energy and brainstorm solutions for minimizing or eliminating these and choose 1 or 2 that are giving you energy and identify ways to increase exposure to these.  A happier, more fulfilling career is all about nourishing body with a healthy dose of positive energy.”

Stephanie Heuer – Career and Branding Coach

“I love the fresh spring air… after hibernating in the cold all winter, it feels so good to open the windows and envision all the possibilities the warm weather will bring. Spring is also a great time to open the windows on new possibilities for your career! Did you tuck away those dreams for a while? Bring them out into the fresh spring air… full of all the possibilities of a bright future!”

Shannon Alexander

“To me, Spring brings inspiration and the fresh feeling of being alive and rejuvenation. It’s a wonderful time to do a deep discovery session to gain a fresh perspective on where you want to go with your career and business.

Matt Guiver – Executive Coach

“A refresh on your career options can be as simple as opening the window to new perspectives. If you are feeling stressed and pressed by your career, explore some new angles: What can I change? How would my hero respond? Who do I want to be?”

Carissa Gay – Career and Leadership Coach

“Take a personal inventory and identify the attributes unique to you. This is where personal branding and designing your story begins.  Your career is a journey. Understanding how to navigate the challenges along the journey helps in reaching the destination you desire.”

Steve Graham – Executive and Career Coach

“A career path is rarely a ‘straight path’. Think of it instead, as a network of pathways with several landing spaces. In traversing this maze, build a portfolio of diverse experiences and meaningful relationships. Ultimately, it will be the richness of your experiences that will determine your career success.”

Vishy Parameswaran – Executive Coach

“Spring is my favorite time of the year. Leaves are emerging, flowers are blooming and the grass is turning green. It’s also one of the best times for making a career change. Companies are hiring. Now’s the time to update your Linkedin profile. It’s the most important tool in your job search. Also consider cleaning up your resume because you cannot have a strong linkedin profile if your resume isn’t solid.”

Scott Kukowski – Career Coach

“Spring is a powerful metaphor for our career journey; it is a time when new life grows after a long period of hibernation, and when wildflowers share their brilliance with the world. Think about what career opportunities you want to unearth, nurture and bring to life. What hidden talents do you have that can bloom with the right support? It’s also a wonderful time for a spring-cleaning of your personal inventory of strengths and skills to see how best you can manifest your gifts to share with your community and the world.”

Sharanya Rao – LLLB, LLM, ACC, Career & Personal Development Coach

“Share your gifts! You know more than you may think you do. Who can benefit from your knowledge? Find someone to formally or informally mentor, write a blog post, volunteer to speak at a local professional organization event, participate in ‘career day’ at the local elementary school . . . find a way to pass on your knowledge and experience in a way that brings you fulfillment.”

Amy Wolfgang – Leadership Coach

Hope you enjoyed the quotes and enjoyed winter. Get ready for big changes!


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