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We’re in this together

We believe it’s possible to not only survive during this turbulent time but to also thrive. The key is resilience and you have it within you.

We’ve cultivated resources below to help you find and build resilience in your career, leadership and mindset. We will continue to add tools and inspiration so stay connected and reach out to us if there’s more we can do for you or your organization.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

—C.S. Lewis

Covid-19 resilience Webinars
COVID-19 Resilience Packages


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Building Resilience as a Leader

Building Career Resilience

Building a Resilient Mindset

Books, Articles, Videos and Talks We Love

Our coaches are passionate about learning and love to read, so we’re sharing our favorite books, articles, videos and talks.

Resilience, The Resilience Hub

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

Unleash Your Potential

Resilience, The Resilience Hub

It’s time to create the impact you want. Whether you are a seasoned executive, a new manager, or someone just trying to make a difference, this book is for you!

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Resilience, The Resilience Hub
Meet the Author

Amy Wolfgang is a Leadership and Career Development Coach and a co-founder of Coaching 4 Good. Amy strives to empower human potential by working with individuals and companies on developing authentic leaders who positively impact the world.

Anti-Racism Resources

We are committed to empowering human potential and being an effective ally. We stand in solidarity with members of the Black community to honor human dignity and equality for all. Browse our hand-selected list of anti-racism resources to bring more clarity, courage, and compassion – whether you’re an individual, a leader, or trying to shift your organizational culture.

Anti-Racism Resources

Transformation starts here. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you achieve your individual or organizational goals. We’ll explore how our coaching solutions can deliver results and meet your unique needs.

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  • Work Muse #WFHWK Center: How to navigate working from home while suddenly being a home-schooling parent during COVID-19

Resilience, The Resilience Hub

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