The best way to make an organization successful is to first empower it’s employees, managers and leaders to realize their potential. In a world driven by big data we’re missing the authentic connection in the workplace, which eventually leads to low employee engagement, inefficient teamwork, low productivity, and a disappointing bottom line.

Transform your organization and achieve the results you are capable of with organizational coaching!

Transformation occurs through the right combination of training, coaching and development. Whether that’s 1:1 coaching, workshops or speaking, each one maximizes potential and unlocks latent sources of productivity by identifying problems and helping teams, leaders, and individuals work through them.

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Programs are highly individualized and deliver the highest degree of transformation. First we conduct an assessment with the HR leadership team then build out a proposal featuring a combination of workshops, assessments and 1:1 coaching.  Workshops help to align teams on new topics and foster stronger team relationships.  Assessments and one-on-one coaching provide a safe environment for individuals to explore their unique traits, identify obstacles and work through them to unlock their full potential.

Please review our list of programs for organizations:

  • Emerging leaders program
  • Contact us to design a customized program
Providing one-on-one coaching as a benefit to some or all of your employees, teams, managers and leaders delivers very effective organizational transformation.  We believe in helping people with their “inner” work so they do the right “outer” work.  Coaching gives people the space to take chances and express themselves.  People who receive the right coaching spread good in the world because they are more engaged in their lives, careers and communities!

The types of organizational coaching we deliver include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Career development
  • Personal brand development
  • Speed coaching

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Workshops include speaking and hands-on, personalized activities to deliver transformation to a group or team over a short amount of time.  Results can include big changes like increased productivity, better teamwork, higher retention and a better bottom line!  You can achieve these results through workshops with your managers & leaders, high-performing teams, and individuals you wish to develop.

Workshop topics for organizations include:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Rising Strong in your Career
  • Aligning your Values with your Career
  • Managing Stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Branding with Purpose & Impact
  • Values-Based Leadership
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
  • Mindfulness Techniques for Team Creativity & Collaboration
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Meeting & Defeating your Inner Critic
  • Getting Unstuck in your Career & Life

Assessments add an important dimension to one-on-one coaching.  Assessments help each participant look at their own beliefs, fears, behaviors, and thought patterns and understand how those internal factors manifest themselves.  Assessments provide insight for teams and individuals that lead to transformation, engagement and effectiveness… and a better bottom line!

Assessments for organizations include:

  • Leadership Circle Profile
  • Mindfulness Techniques for Team Creativity & Collaboration

Motivate, enlighten and educate your people on what it takes to achieve inner happiness and positive benefits on their life and their work.  Here are some of our past speaking engagement topics:

  • Improving employee engagement
  • Developing your “inner game”
  • Start with the “being” then move to the “doing”
  • Preparing tomorrow’s leaders
  • Engaging the millennial generation
  • Business value of work-life balance
My company hired Michelle initially to do leadership training for our management team and she was excellent! As a matter of fact because the training went so well, we hired Michelle as a coach for each of our managers. We plan to make management training and coaching with Michelle a regular occurrence.
First, I would have to stress how effective her approach was for me. Amy is very high energy and she cares. I could tell from my initial meeting that this was someone that genuinely wanted to help me and she was going to put a good deal of energy into the process. I was inspired as a result and ready to get to work.

Transform your organization quickly and affordably.

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