Organizations often put significantly more focus on executive development rather than employee development.  This creates a ‘frozen middle’ of managers, strong individual contributors and next generation leaders who are less engaged.   This results in a loss of productivity, efficiency and ultimately the lost opportunity of both the employee and organization to reach the full potential.

Our goal is to help employees of all levels set and achieve both personal and professional goals to enhance employee engagement, strengthen company culture and boost profitability. Effective coaching leads to employees who are: 3x more willing to go the extra mile, 2x more satisfied with their job, 8x more engaged and committed to their jobs

We work with individuals and organizations to transform careers, lives and organizations.  Book directly with the coach that is right for you to learn more!  

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Programs deliver the highest degree of transformation. First we conduct an assessment looking at the employees you wish to develop and what goals you would like to achieve. We then craft a proposal featuring a combination of workshops, assessments and 1:1 coaching. Once accepted, we then start helping employees set and achieve both personal and professional goals including feeling more fulfilled, getting unstuck, building confidence, engaged, and breaking limiting thought patterns and behaviors.

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Coaching should be an available and affordable benefit to those who need to balance the demands of a career and responsibilities of life. One-on-one employee coaching address not only the needs for work but also the needs for life so that work can be successful. We use a holistic and effective approach that will bring out the best in every employee!

We believe that the right coaching spread good in the world because by helping people become more engaged in their lives, careers and communities.

Our employee development and 1:1 employee coaching includes:

  • Mindfulness and finding fulfillment, joy and purpose
  • Getting unstuck
  • Building confidence
  • Breaking limiting thought patterns and behaviors
  • Balancing work and life
  • Career development & personal branding
  • Living by your values and being authentic

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Workshops are a cost-effective way to offer employee development to your entire company or a subset such as middle managers, future leaders or high-performing individual contributors. Speaking, hands-on exercises and personalized activities bring about effective transformation. Our philosophy is help people with their “being” and “doing” and making sure the inner work is done so they do the right outer work.

Results from employee development workshops can include big changes like increased productivity, higher retention and improved organizational culture. This kind of transformation – on the employee-level – unleashes your company’s full potential and delivers a better bottom line!

Workshop topics for employee development include:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Rising Strong in your Career
  • Aligning your Values with your Career
  • Managing Stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Branding with Purpose & Impact
  • Values-Based Leadership
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
  • Mindfulness Techniques for Team Creativity & Collaboration
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Meeting & Defeating your Inner Critic
  • Getting Unstuck in your Career & Life
Assessments deliver real insights and can accelerate employee development through one-on-one coaching.  Assessments help each participant look at their own beliefs, fears, behaviors, and thought patterns and understand how those internal factors manifest themselves. Assessments also aid the coach in facilitating employee transformation. Organizations quickly see the impact in engagement, retention and productivity.

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Motivate, enlighten and educate your employees on what it takes to achieve career happiness, engagement and work-life balance.  Here are some of our past speaking engagement topics:
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Developing your “inner game”
  • Start with the “being” then move to the “doing”
  • Preparing tomorrow’s leaders
  • Engaging the millennial generation
  • Business value of work-life balance
My company hired Michelle initially to do leadership training for our management team and she was excellent! As a matter of fact because the training went so well, we hired Michelle as a coach for each of our managers. We plan to make management training and coaching with Michelle a regular occurrence.
First, I would have to stress how effective her approach was for me. Amy is very high energy and she cares. I could tell from my initial meeting that this was someone that genuinely wanted to help me and she was going to put a good deal of energy into the process. I was inspired as a result and ready to get to work.

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