, Career Opportunities are Everywhere but Hard to See

Creating opportunity is a mindset. career opportunity search Opportunities are actually everywhere – we don’t see them all because we’re stuck in the same patterns of thinking. Our thoughts affect the way we see opportunity. Here are some examples of patterns of thinking that block us from seeing an opportunity:

  • He’s next in line for the promotion.
  • I’m not qualified for that job.
  • That job won’t fit the needs of my family.

These thought patterns are what limit us. However, look at that list again… they are all future projections and not based on facts. No matter how rough it’s been in the past or how stuck you currently feel, the future is yet to unfold! There are always more options than what it seems. Here are a couple suggestions to keep an open mind in creating career opportunities.

Look for what you want

To be successful here, you must know what you want. Or at least have a vague idea, which is sometimes the hardest part. Different examples include:

  • I want a promotion.
  • I want to develop a new skill.
  • I want a career that fits my lifestyle.

The key here is not to figure out how it is going to happen, but identifying what you want. The ‘how’ could happen in a dozen different ways including through an acquaintance, a Career Coaching appointment, or a random bumping into someone in line at Starbucks. The idea is to remain open to opportunity wherever it presents itself, not trying to control how it happens. Sometimes, it’s in the unexpected.

Be ready

That means clearly communicating what you want. It means having your story ready to tell others. If you are not ready to receive the opportunity, it will be hard to find. Some things fall right into your lap, but most things are given only when you are ready to receive them. So, be prepared for opportunities to come to you.

Don’t give up

If you don’t see the position on job boards or on the company site or anywhere with your intelligent searching skills, ask. Ask us, ask your friends, ask your family. Don’t give up! Keep asking and searching until you get closer to your goal.

Avoid negative thinking

No matter what situation, negative thinking usually doesn’t help us get what we want. Emotions can drag us into negative thinking; however, just like doing a push-up, you can mentally shove out negative thoughts such as:

  • I’ll never find what I want.
  • No one will want to hire me.

When these thoughts come up, stop and replace them with more affirmative thoughts such as:

  • I have unique skills that can add value to any organization.
  • I am good at what I do.

Thought patterns don’t change overnight, but recognizing it and catching it when you can, will help.



, Career Opportunities are Everywhere but Hard to See

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, Career Opportunities are Everywhere but Hard to See

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