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From Brian H. – “I have utilized Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] on numerous occasions and the results always lead to more confidence in knowing that I am putting my best professional career foot forward.”

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I am so pleased with the outcome of my work with Scott. He was empathetic to my current situation and challenged me to evaluate my needs/wants going forward to ensure I would be heading in the right direction. He provided me with clear, concise, expert advice for rejuvenating my career search. As a result, I feel much more confident in the path I am taking – and that is priceless. Great Results, Personable, and Expert!

Karen S., Career Search Strategy

A completely eye-opening experience! I originally met with another “career counseling” organization in the Austin area who contacted me and wanted to charge me thousands of dollars to help with my career search. A number of red flags popped up during my research of the aforementioned company and thus I decided to pursue other options.

I found Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] on Yelp and was impressed by the reviews and positive praise by former clients. Knowing that I was serious about my career search I contacted Wolfgang [Coaching 4 Good] and was assigned Scott Kukowski as my career coach.

Simply put – Scott was amazing! He is also a techie like myself, we graduated from the same university and his feedback was genuine. Scott was quickly able to determine what I was doing right, what I was doing wrong, and coached me through the resume updates, networking, LinkedIn, interviewing and negotiation processes with no regrets. His feedback was clear and concise, and I genuinely knew he had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process.

After a six-year tenure at my current employer I successfully was offered and accepted a position with an industry-leading technology services provider. I honestly could not have been offered this career opportunity without the assistance of Scott and Wolfgang Career Coaching [Coaching 4 Good].

I highly recommend those looking for career coaching or counseling seek out Wolfgang [Coaching 4 Good] for assistance. Thank you Scott and thank you Wolfgang Career Coaching [Coaching 4 Good]!

Ryan S., Landed a Great Job in Hi-Tech

Scott Kukowski has the experience, skills, resources, and contacts to help those needing assistance with their careers. I always left visits with Scott with more ideas about networking, jobs, and resources than time to follow up on all of them. He knows the latest trends in job searching and is quite knowledgeable about the technology that can serve as a tool to help clients reach their goals. Scott went the extra mile for me, and I recommend him to others.

Matt R., Latest Job Search Techniques

I wanted to write and thank you so much for your help in re-evaluating my resume and the way I promoted myself on LinkedIn. Working with you was
truly a rewarding experience…regardless of the actual job search outcome.

That being said…I got a job!!!!!! And it (at least from the outset) looks like a great opportunity and a big step up in my career.

I started getting hits from recruiters as soon as I updated my LinkedIn profile. And being able to send them my updated resume made the hiring process so much better. I have had to turn down 2 other jobs since accepting the one I start next Monday.


Jared, I got a job!!!!

After 8 years of working in retail management I found myself facing a drastic career and life change. I was fortunate enough to have found Amy who from the moment I walked in her door helped me relax and focus on the path in front of me. My uncertainties and feelings of helplessness started to slowly subside as I realized, with Amy’s guidance, that I was capable of much more than I had ever dreamed. I entered her office scared, desperate, and overwhelmed. I left with a new outlook and a confident bring-on-the-world attitude.

Helen E., Career and Life Change Needed

I just wanted to update you on how the interview went on Monday. I interviewed with four people over about four hours and the very first request (predictably) was “tell me about yourself” so I felt very prepared for that and I think was able to answer just as we had practiced. The majority of it was very technical as expected but I tried my best to speak up and smile more.

Anyway, I got a call Tuesday morning after the interview from their recruiter telling me they wanted to move forward with an offer! Not only that but there were six teams within [company confidential] who wanted me to join them. So I’m currently in the process of interviewing each of them to decide who I want to work with.

Thanks so much for your help in preparing me and giving me more confidence going into this. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for career coaching and I hope to work with you again myself sometime in the future.

Ryan F., Now 6 teams want to work with me!

I went to Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] after eight months of interviewing with no success. Amy helped me trim down my resume without losing any information I thought was important to include, helped me see what I looked like in an interview by videotaping a faux interview, and encouraged me to practice, practice, practice common interview questions. Three interviews later I had the exact job I was looking for!

Kevin C., Mock Video Interview Practice

Your guidance was instrumental in my search for exploring opportunities across Internet related companies. Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] 1) provided great insight to social media tools to enhance my online presence and showed me how to network with local groups to expand my network. They also provided necessary advice on how to network outside of my primary contacts and explore different companies in Austin. Without hour advice I would have been lost.


Ronnie P., Expanding My Network

Amy assisted me in revising my resume for today’s world, provided tips on how to use social media sites to network, and gave guidance in finding new industries to which my skills were transferable. After working at the same company for over 15 years, the job hunting process was very overwhelming. The advice and coaching I received from Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] was invaluable.

Susan P., Finding New Industries

I was referred to Stephanie and Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] after being solicited from a similar service who wanted to charge me thousands of dollars for career coaching. I came to Stephanie because I had moved into a wrong fit role after spending nearly 14 years with my previous employer. I was honestly pretty discouraged I’d be able to get back into a role that I was passionate about and that I could have fun doing without moving to another city. My primary concern was that Austin was an ultra-competitive job market and that my skills wouldn’t translate well here.

Of course Stephanie helped me with the basics like tweaking my LinkedIn profile, marketing myself, and improving my interviewing skills but what stuck out at me is how Stephanie motivated me to: 1) demand better for myself and to 2) help me understand my concerns were just in my head and not reality. See Stephanie is also a life coach and those skills greatly complement her abilities as a career coach. Furthermore, Stephanie is not only very professional but she truly cares about her clients’ success. In the end I was able to land a new job which appears to be a better fit for me. There is no doubt that Stephanie equipped me with the tools to get me there.

In summary, Stephanie is much more than just a great career coach. I would highly recommend her–not only to someone who is looking to better their career but also to someone who is having a hard time seeing the light at the end of their career tunnel.

Matt, Learning to demand better for myself

Getting Stuck happens. In life in general, as well as in your professional career. I had never before searched for a career coach, but I reached a point in my life where I needed one. Initially I was a bit apprehensive, because I felt silly thinking that I had no reason to feel that way and that I could eventually figure it out on my own.

Amy has the ability to understand you as a person, and remind you of who you really are again. Having that outside opinion really helped remind me of myself, and rebuild my confidence.

I had 4 sessions with Amy. All of which were organized, and client focused. One included resume tips/advice. After those sessions made a job transition 2.5 months after that, which is something different, and in a direction I wanted to go. It may not be perfect, but it is the change I needed in my life at the moment.

Amy is caring, passionate about what she does and extremely professional. She will offer you a perspective you never even thought about, and open your mind to other possibilities, and give insight to your personality + career and give you ideas that with some effort can turn into solutions.

I am grateful I came across Amy.

Paolo B., Believe in Me and Build Confidence

I recently moved to Austin from Europe and needed knowledge about how to navigate the American job market, especially the resume and cover letter writing process. We focused on developing the required tool sets to independently write a resume and cover letter that is customized to each job opening. Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] provided me with insights on the American job market, and the process of applying for a job. With this knowledge and templates, I created my first resume and cover letter. Wolfgang Career Coaching [Coaching 4 Good] reviewed them extensively and provided detailed feedback on how to optimize the resume and cover letter further.

I am now able to write a strong resume and cover letter that represents my credentials and is customized to the job opening I apply for. In a period of six weeks, I was invited to meet with three companies and got a job offer with a successful local Austin-based company!

John F., Learning to Write a Cover Letter

I’ve had a great experience working with Michelle Poole, who was one of the people instrumental in helping me feel more comfortable moving to Austin, TX. Context: I had been thinking for several years about moving to Texas from Southern California, and wanted to connect with someone in the Austin area who could provide professional guidance, incentive and support.

Michelle provided several exercises focused on helping nail down the values and dynamics that are highly important to me in a career (e.g., teamwork, spirituality, variety, travel, creativity, etc.).
She is resourceful – she knows a lot of people in Austin – and has introduced me to a wealth of contacts.
She’s provided information on networking events happening around the city to ensure I started connecting with people quickly.
She has been quick to introduce me to recruiters as well as other hiring agents at my companies of choice on LinkedIn.

In short: I look forward to continue working with Michelle and others at Wolfgang Career Coaching [now Coaching 4 Good] as my career adventures continue.

Joseph M., Getting Comfortable in a New City

Just wanted to say thanks again so much for all of your help. You literally helped me transform into a highly marketable candidate, whereas before I wasn’t getting any bites from recruiters and wasted a lot of time. You definitely have the magic formula.

This morning I got an offer to become a [hidden] at [hidden], which is my first offer in three months and also my top prospect! I plan to negotiate a bit but will ultimately accept the offer by Tuesday. I’m so thrilled, and I have you to thank. I would not have been able to get this job without your help in improving my resume and LinkedIn profile.

Thanks again for everything – you’re the man!!!

Andrew P., You transformed me

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