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Join coaches from the Coaching 4 Good Collective as they explain how to build resiliency through three relatable scenarios and a coaching session. Use the Resilient Mindset Daily Checklist to help you stay resilient no matter what scenario you face.

What viewers have found most useful from watching this webinar:

“I liked the set up of this webinar with an intro, case study, coaching, questions. It was especially helpful to have the person being coached so open and vocal during the session, too.”

“Each coach had a slightly different approach and it really helped provide a good perspective on dealing with different difficult situations.”

“Reminder to use our core values to help balance and prioritize activities.”

Moderated by Sharanya Rao, the panel of coaches includes Cathy Dunford, Maria Fernandez, Melinda Rothouse, and Samantha Watson.

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, Strategies to Building a Resilient Mindset

Sharanya Rao


, Strategies to Building a Resilient MindsetCathy Dunford


, Strategies to Building a Resilient MindsetMelinda Rothouse


, Strategies to Building a Resilient MindsetSamantha Watson


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