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It’s a challenging time to prioritize self-care, and yet it has never been more important. Understanding a clear path to your optimal wellness and being anchored to that vision is especially relevant during times of stress and uncertainty.

How are your health practices supporting you in managing a changing work/life landscape? It is possible to feel balanced and grounded in your approach to coping with change, stress, uncertainty and challenging obstacles as you:

  • Navigate the limiting messages around your health.
  • Identify a clear path to becoming healthier and more resilient.
  • Anchor your health behaviors in a well-defined purpose and plan.
  • Access existing resources to fuel your motivation and momentum.

This workshop will teach a simple protocol for constructing a wellness vision by using powerful questions, fostering greater awareness around the clients ideals, and co-creating realistic, achievable goals that draw momentum and focus from a tangible, well-designed vision. Watch now to create a wellness vision for yourself so you can create intentional action steps to take care of yourself and your family amidst our global crisis.

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, Constructing a Powerful Wellness Vision to Build Resilience

Cathy Dunford

Cathy Dunford is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. Her approach to coaching is centered on meeting the unique needs of each individual client to bring about improved health, greater life satisfaction, and work/life balance. She utilizes her extensive background in health and wellness, paired with coaching psychology methods from Harvard Health, to define her holistic approach. Her coaching is grounded by the latest research in positive psychology, appreciative inquiry models, motivational interviewing, self-determination theory, and emotional intelligence.

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