The Coaching Process

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Coach Process, Live – Find Your Coach – The Coaching Process

Coaching is about partnering with the client to maximize their potential.

Coaches work one-on-one with the client to help them achieve their career, leadership, or development goals, a process that creates self-awareness and transformational change.

With an approach tailored to the client’s needs, coaching can be used in short-term or long-term engagements, depending on the client’s goals.

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Find a Coach

The coaching partnership guides the client through the process of setting and achieving goals, helping them learn to address their concerns, and solve their problems. Coach and client meet on a regular basis, with “homework” between sessions. As the coach works with the client, they will:

  • Assist the client in setting goals, developing an action plan for moving forward, and anticipating and overcoming potential obstacles
  • Use personality, behavior, or 360 assessments to identify areas of strength and areas for development
  • Listen actively and ask open-ended questions
  • Help the client recognize internal barriers that may be keeping them from reaching their goals
  • Act as a thinking partner to discuss decision options, expand perspectives, balance activities, and strategize through difficult or unusual circumstances
  • The coach does not solve the client’s problems-the client solves his or her own problems
  • Lead the client outside of their comfort zone
  • Helping clients distinguish what is important from what is not
  • Help the client build resilience in times of change
  • Help the client distinguish what is important from what is not
  • Teach the client how to self-advocate and showcase the value they bring to an organization
  • Teach the client how to improve communication with team members, direct reports, and managers
  • Identify tools that will help the client learn, reflect, and self-assess throughout the coaching process and beyond, such as journaling, specific books and authors, and specific videos and podcasts