online_career_coachingIsn’t technology wonderful? There are so many new gadgets out there that change the way we communicate! Technology has also changed the world of coaching. Today, online coaching sessions can yield results as great as an in-person coaching session. If you aren’t sure about working with an online career coach, consider these possibilities before deciding.

1) Quality
The quality of the career coaching model makes more of a difference than in-person sessions versus online sessions. The “coaching model” is the certifications and training of your coach and the philosophy behind the coaching. Try to be clear on what approach you’d like. For example, are you hoping to get action items, a high quality resume or general direction and support for a new job? Career coaching can take various forms in terms of career coaching versus career counseling etc. We offer both, for example. Be sure to know the quality of the coaching because it doesn’t matter if the coaching is online or in-person – the quality will make all the difference!

2) Learning
The conversation about whether or not companies use technology, social media, and online tools for hiring purposes is over. It’s here to stay. More and more interviews are also being done via Skype and other computer-to-computer conferencing technologies. Why not practice with a career coach first? Get comfortable with your technology: make sure the speakers are turned on, your video software will work well and that you are comfortable talking into your screen. It’s the wave of the future and it’s beneficial to conduct mock interviews, resume reviews and general career coaching online. The in-person session, when available, is also good practice, but consider what job/interview you are preparing for when booking an online versus in-person appointment.

3) Convenience
It goes without saying that the big reason for the explosion of using technology is the convenience of it all! Hiring managers are able review and interview top candidates all over the world with little cost. It wouldn’t be surprising if this eventually becomes a standard method… many companies are already there! It’s also convenient for you! No commuting and no parking but same results. Of course, you’ll need to have decent online skills.

The quality matters more than the type of session. Both types of sessions will be able to yield the same results in information, support, and taking next steps. It’s up to you! Even if you are local to Austin, an online appointment can offer lower cost and more convenience. Plus you get great practice in learning how to connect via technology.



, Does online career coaching versus in-person make a difference?

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, Does online career coaching versus in-person make a difference?

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