Are you use linkedin alumni feature using this feature on LinkedIn?

I have found it quite valuable for tapping into my alumni directory. This feature allows you to see a visual representation of where your fellow university alumni live (i.e. their location), work (companies), as well as what they do for a living (career).  Here are other great ways to use this feature.

Powerful Alumni Networking

A good portion of alumni are happy to help out fellow alumni in their career or job search. Regardless if you graduated in the same year or 30 years before, many are happy to help a fellow alumnus achieve their goals. You share a connection and a common experience, a nostalgic remembrance of the good ‘ol college days.  Would you be happy to help someone from your Alma Mater?  Same is true for them.

Moving to a New City

Are you thinking about a career change in a new city?  Or have you recently moved to a new city and looking for a job?  Many individuals move to a new city without a support system or a job. Finding career opportunities without a set network in a new city can be very challenging. This tool can help you get the support you need to break into a new industry or get information.  They may be able to provide information on the city, a popular industry, the state of the work force, or tips for a job search in that city.  Who knows, they may even be able to introduce you to some people looking to fill an open position.  If you are still considering a transition to a new city, evaluate who will be part of your local network. Alumni may be a great source of information as you consider the job market and the move itself.

Researching Career Transitions

If you are contemplating a career transition, use this feature to identify alumni who work in the career you are considering. They would be great for informational interviews to learn more about the career field.  They may also help you with your career transition plan.

Increase Your Network Size

If you are happy with your career, you may want to increase your network for many purposes, including skill assessment, developing relationships, etc. Or you may want to connect or reconnect with individuals from your university to catch up on what they did post-graduation.  You never know what you will need in the future, so it’s always a good idea to keep your networks up-to-date should anything change.

The alumni LinkedIn feature can be useful for individuals in all aspects of their career. Take a look and see what information you find useful! Also find out how we can help you optimize a LinkedIn profile to get a job.



, Online Networking: Use Alumni Pages on LinkedIn

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, Online Networking: Use Alumni Pages on LinkedIn

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